Private Label:


Boston Eye Design has been specializing in designing, manufacturing, and distributing Bostonian, Bostonian Suns, Seven, Metro, Scribble, Avanti,  Newport and Landmark's collections for over 12 years now and look to take years of knowledge and its expertise to the next level.  Our experience has paved the way to develop an exclusive private label program for companies looking to develop their own "In-House" brands of eyewear for there dispensing optical.


With our experience, knowledge and attention to detail we have become exceptionally qualified to help you build your own eyewear collection. Boston Eye Design introduces various low-volume private label programs. These comprehensive programs are designed for the independent eye care professional to be able to offer their very own unique brand and styles.


Boston Eye Design will communicate and verify the needs of your practice and guide you through the design and selection process to fill that niche and create your very own brand collection that is 100% exclusively yours. So, it won’t be found online, or in other stores. It is becoming more important for the independents to take control of their business by setting themselves apart from the competition, and more importantly a better way to increase your margins for larger profits.


For more information regarding our private labeling program, please enter your contact information to receive the full feature and benefits of your exclusive brand.

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